The #WalkAway March on Washington weekend is finally here!

Brandon Straka put together an awesome line-up of great speakers, including Dinesh D’Souza, Herman Cain and Pastor Burns. See the full line up here…

Will you be going? 

Nothing beats a powerful visual-such as images of the “caravan” aka invasion- are scaring anyone in their right mind,

Democrats will tremble when they see how many are #WalkingAway from their Unhinged Mob and their Globalist agenda. 

Let’s all pray for a groundbreaking turnout! 

Will you be at the WalkAway March?  If so, share your pics and memories here!

UPDATE: There’s some live feeds on You Tube, but finding images of the March turnout is rough. Looks like MSM doesn’t want to touch this story and/or Google is burying it. Check out Media Blackout: Today’s #WalkAway March on Washington 

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