Here’s today’s top stories that have folks posting, tweeting, buzzing, raging and screaming into cyberspace….

Disclaimer- Sometimes I substitute my own blatantly biased headline. Because it’s fun.

MSM: “Help! We’re Running Out of Red Kool-Aid!”

Gosh. Am I the only one who missed this story on Mainstream Media? “Judge Tosses Lawsuit Alleging Trump Campaign Conspired With Russians in Hack..”~ Fox News

This sign aged about as well as a midnight piss in the subway. Maybe the nice folks in Mainstream Media are just protecting them from feeling foolish?

“Liberals” Got all the Memos But Refuse to Read Them.”

Programmed Trump haters stubbornly refuse to read the memos about ICE vs. Border Patrol, Obamas’ child cages and Obama handing thousands of kids over to child sex traffickers.

An unhinged woman (or whatever 63 genders she is) pulled a  stunt to protest ICE by climbing the Statue of Liberty. The act spawned by willful ignorance spurred the shut-down of a favorite Fourth of July destination for families. Washington Times

Ooooh! So close to being stomped out. The French should’ve given us an animated, remote control statue. They really didn’t think it through. #ThanksABunchFrance
Outta the blue, 3 big-ass college wrestlers boohoo that Rep. Jim Jordan didn’t prevent them from being groped.

The sweaty, manhandling hulks whose sport often results in a balls-to-face confrontation claim that  Representative Jim Jordan didn’t help them 13 years ago when he was coach.

Since their alleged groper is now dead we may never hear his side of the story. But rumor has it he’ll be voting Blue in November and is rooting for a Biden nomination. Just as the Deep State enemy is being considered for House Speaker. Odd timing or no? Full story Breitbart

Sponsored tea-baggers have feewings too ya know:(

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