Beautiful. Courageous. Free. Intelligent. Powerful. Vocalist. Successful business woman. Journalist. Social Media Manager. Director of PR at MAGAFirst News.

Fearless defender of innocent children.


Her Huffpost BIO lays it out…

I am a Social media manger and Content Curator. I am also currently a media personality for Jack Thriller. I specialize in entertainment, music, fashion, lifestyle brands, public relations and marketing.

“Lady Soal PR”  offers media services and website design. The “about” page elaborates,

“Sharika Soal is an entertainment, celebrity, and special events publicist. She provides full-service public relations and strategic marketing consulting services based in Los Angeles, CA Sharika Soal specializes in entertainment, music, fashion, lifestyle brands, public relations and marketing.”


“Famous Birthdays” sums up her career in a nutshell:

Celebrity and entertainment publicist most well known for serving as a social media manager and content curator for HuffPost. She has worked as a publicist for Interscope records artists and MTV and VH1 personalities. She later founded her own PR company called LadySoal PR.

Before Fame
She began her career in 2013 as the social media manager for chef Samantha Carrie Johnson.

She used to be the lead singer of LadySoal from 2009 until 2012. In 2013, she went on to pursue a solo career and signed with Justin Timberlake.

Family Life
Originally born in Chicago, Illinois; she was raised in Ames, Iowa. She later settled in Los Angeles, California.

Associated With
A social media star, she has appeared in countless videos by Instagram and YouTube comedian Jack Thriller.


One look at Shakira’s early music videos would create the impression that this Real Great American is a radical “Liberal.” While Shakira may still hold some views that are not embraced by the most Conservative of Conservatives, she has evolved.

The turnaround all began when she ditched the Resistance. Her big turn-off was the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Once she posted about her feelings and hosted some videos critical to the “Liberal” Left, the attacks and death threats began.

A total nightmare for Democrats.

Sharika is everything “feminists” and “minority-loving Liberals” claim to admire. One problem though. She’s a Trump supporter. So the Feminazi fangs are bared and the claws are out. As a Conservative, there is no attack too low or too vile for the “Love Trumps Hate Liberals.”

As a Conservative Black woman, Sharika is such a threat to the Dems that “tolerant” loving” Liberals have taken to calling her the N-word on Twitter…

A total nightmare for Pedophiles

Pedophiles don’t like her any more than Democrats do ( are they mutually exclusive?)  As a victim of child sexual abuse and the Mom of a son who was also abused, Sharika is on a mission to deter rampant pedophilia with the death sentence.

She authored and submitted “No Tolerance Act 2018” that makes pedophilia a crime punishable by death.

Her No Tolerance Act 2018 is described on scribd:

A bill that makes raping, sodomizing, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexually assaulting or sexually molesting a child under the age of Twelve punishable by death and or life in prison in all 50 states in America and US Territories

Click here to view the entire document…

Courage Under Fire. 

You can tell alot about a person by their friends. But possibly even more so by their enemies.

Democrats have ramped up their attacks on Sharika. But she remains steadfast in the face of blistering attacks and death threats to protect vulnerable children from heinous predators.

Studies have long proven the high rate of recidivism among pedophiles. The rampant epidemic of child porn and child sex trafficking is out of control.

Meanwhile, the Left aims to normalize these earth shattering crimes against children. If you agree with Sharika that these self absorbed monsters will only be stopped by the threat of their own death, sign the petition here….

Practice makes perfect/building mental muscle. 

Maybe Sharika can field her haters because she’s been doing it for awhile. This video was posted in 2008, but it shows that she’s been attacked by racists for a long time because she refuses to squeeze into their mold. (Beware: F* Bomb zone)

Going up against the big Liberal guns.

Another example of Sharika’s courage that drew ire from the Left involved her keeping up with the Kardashian’s’ media attack dogs.

While writing for Huffpost, Sharika had the nerve to exert her First Amendment rights.

Once upon a time before Kanye stepped up to support the MAGA agenda and before his wife Kim respectfully visited Trump’s White House and won a pardon for inmate Alice Johnson, they were considered untouchable Royalty in the High Liberal Courts.

Ahead of her time, Sharika (gasp) reported on Kim’s assertions that she was bound and gagged at gunpoint in Paris and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Sharika surmised that it was  a “‘publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.” Sharika was sued by Kim, her article was pulled, she was locked out of her Huffpost account, and worst of all-drew the wrath of gossip blogger Perez Hilton!

Ahhh. Time and irony. Now that Kanye and Kim have walked on the Red side, they too, are demonized by the racist Left.

Recovering Liberal? 

In her Populist Wire interview she stated,

“This is my Passion- my son. I think the resistence’s #MeToo movement is bullshit.  Allysa Milano was in one of my chat rooms, and she was using the movement to propell herself, she didn’t really care about those people or about children. I had to get out of there.  I think it really woke me up to who they are….

” I still hold some liberal values, and I still have my same feelings about race, but what has changed is that people who once used my services chat rooms and my PR services have turned against me and are sending me death threats because I won’t agree with them.”

“…When they  called me a Nigger, that really just made me feel I had taken enough.  This has been going on for 6 months, and I have tried to deal with this professionally, but I just felt I had to speak out now….”

“I am the one who created the chat rooms where the Resisters were talking about the resistance movement.  I left because I didn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and when I talked about what my son went thru almost everyone said hateful things to me about it.  Aren’t they supposed to be fighting for these victims?  People like my  son, people like me?”

Recovering NeverTrumper?

According to Twikipedia, Sharika was once “named one of Donald Trump’s Top Ten internet trolls by Black Enterprise.”

Now she’s got her name alongside “MagaFirst News.” Do we dare to dream?

Momma Bear

There’s nothing like becoming a parent that can change your view of the world, especially when we see the impact that society has on our children.

A famous quote often attributed to Winston Churchill says it best.  ‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.’ (Apologies to readers who were always Conservative, but you get the drift)

Sharika is too smart to fall for programmed hate and division or to blindly accept the  social decay that threatens children’s innocence.

What the Left doesn’t understand about the MAGA movement is that many Trump supporters are not affiliated with one Party or the other. Millions of MAGAs are independent, as it’s crystal clear that RINOs are just as much a threat to our sovereignty as the Democrats.

Will Sharika continue her journey and shake off whatever remnants of “Liberalism” remain? Show her some love and let her feel welcome on the Right side of history! But don’t just comment on Facebook where she’ll never see it! Scroll down and use the comments section below! 

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