Loving son. Proud big brother. Christian. Conservative. Patriot. Hard working. Brilliant. Kind. Charitable. Animal lover. Courageous. Early College  student. And BTW-he’s only 16 years old.

Last February David Hogg oddly “rode his bicycle as fast as he could” straight into the halls of an active shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Since then he’s been anointed with the lofty title of “gun activist.” Translation-Globalist gun-grabbing puppet.

Since then, the truly awesome David Hogg of North Carolina has been embroiled in the nightmare of sharing the same name as the noodle-armed Nazi.

This tweet offers some insight on how his life has been affected…

Thrown into the spotlight.

Since coming forward to straighten out the confusion due to sharing the same name, David and his family have been harassed. They’ve been inundated with the typical “Liberal Tolerance” Hell of hate mail and personal attacks due to his Conservative beliefs and support of our 2nd Amendment.

Because of the mistaken identity, he also received hate mail from some on the Right who were none too thrilled that the other David Hogg-a kid who’s too young to vote, serve in the military or throw back a beer-is leading the fight to repeal their constitutional right to bear arms.

However, unlike major corporations run by high-powered adults, the awesome David Hogg hasn’t caved to “Liberal” attacks and threats. As a true Patriot, David stands strong and hasn’t wavered in his beliefs. He does so with dignity and eloquence.

As stated on NRA TV, David supports the Second Amendment. He grew up around firearms and learned about gun safety from his Dad. He’s studied the impact on other nations that have no gun rights, and believes that basic firearms training should be part of everyone’s education. 

His Grandfather who fought for our freedom must be very proud.

Not all press has been negative

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

It’s no surprise that this David Hogg has been embraced by the Conservative MAGA community.

He’s appeared as a guest on NRA TV. See the full interview here…..

Even the Wall Street Journal reached out to his Mom to see if David would  write an Op-Ed for them. Through that  platform he was able to respond to the issues that arose from his mistaken identity. It also presented an opportunity to discuss his stand on gun control. With great courtesy he urged the Parkland David Hogg to be more open to dialogue and less inclined to bullying.

In this portion of the WSJ post David really nails the issue of gun-grabbing…

“…The answer is not to take away guns from law-abiding citizens, because that would result in less protection. In theory taking away guns sounds like a good idea, but it’s more complicated than that. Not everyone abides by the law. The law tries to prevent incidents and punishes offenders when crimes occur, but it can’t stop people from hurting others. And it is unjust to punish the majority of law-abiding citizens based on the actions of criminals….”

Fortunately for America, the awesome David Hogg is a Real Great American who represents the hope of our future.

He’s not attacking our First or Second amendment. He’s not sprawled out on the floor of Publix seeking attention. He’s not receiving one rejection letter after another in response to his college applications and whining about it.

Maybe because this David Hogg finished high school in 2 years. At the age of sixteen, he’s  already studying engineering at UNC Charlotte’s Early College and completed his first year with a 4.41 GPA. This David Hogg spends his time tutoring students in math. He volunteers. He helps his elderly neighbors.

With all that on his plate, he’s also working hard to pay for a car and his tuition. In response to several requests to set up a gofundme page to help David reach his goals, his Mom Traci got one up and running.

Sure his Mom may be a bit partial, but facts are facts. On the gofundme page she describes her son:

“…Has been working small jobs since he was 11. Currently has little jobs in our neighborhood doing lawn mowing, dog walking, poop scooping (yikes!) and also works as a cashier on weekends at our local food store.

David has been a volunteer for years – helping out at a few of our local churches, a retirement home, etc.  Many of you don’t know David, but he is an amazing teen.  He is wicked smart (has more awards than I can keep up with), dependable, honest (won the mayor’s award for returning money he found at school), caring and would help anyone in need (has helped w/many adoption fundraisers, as well.)  He is a HUGE pet lover!  David has MANY references from adults about his character and what a hard worker he is…”

Follow the link to donate here…..

His tweets will give you hope and melt your heart…

This David deserves accolades and the enthusiastic support of the MAGA community. So give him a shout out in the comments section below-not just on Facebook where he’ll never see them! Of course the ultimate shout out would be to make a donation on his gofundme page:)

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