Today President Trump and VP Mike Pence attended the 2nd annual Made in America showcase at the White House. 

On the heels of ramped up trade wars between China, Mexico, Canada and the EU, investing in the Made in America brand is obviously more important than ever.

Naysayers, #Resisters and #NeverTrumpers decry President Trump’s efforts to mend horrific lob-sided trade deals designed to implode the US economy and put American businesses and workers out of business.

But we will keep on winning.

Especially if we make the effort to support companies who offer goods that are Made in America or are based here. 

Do you offer products or services that are Made in the USA? Would you like to nominate someone who does?

FREE listings are available on the  “Buy Real Great American” Directory.*

Just contact Diane at  OR use the comments section right below the directory. Be sure to include name of the business and the link to the website, facebook page, Etsy page, etc. Also-please indicate the product categories you’d like listed. If none are currently on the Directory, we’ll add one. 

Let’s MAGA with every purchase we make!

*Sorry, but we don’t list  businesses that are pornographic, “adult” sites, dating sites, gambling, tobacco Big Pharma drugs or that promote racism or violence. This directory is intended as a search and networking tool only and in no way is an endorsement of any goods and services.


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