Real Great Americans

Honoring and Connecting the Great American Community

Policies and Tips


It’s not about gender, race, religion or Party affiliation. It’s about loving God and loving America. It’s about showing kindness and helping others.

Who does NOT qualify to be on this site? Racists, race-baiters, Trump-bashers (not to be confused with voicing an opinion about a policy), man-haters, violent politicized groups such as Antifa, feminazis, eco-terrorists, KKK, neo-nazis, radical Islamists, alt-right or alt-Left Antisemites, groups funded by Soros or that are linked to terrorism.or globalist interests, etc. Also-no obscenity, porn, spammers, etc. We reserve the right to block commenters, to screen and refuse nominees, and to cancel free or paid subscriptions at any time without notice and without refund if these policies are violated.


For best results an image should be high resolution Notice the image above of Doug Gerber (a Real Great American who loves rescue animals) is just a fuzzy cell phone pic. Oh well. He and Choo Choo are still awesome.

Important policy-Images should not depict hate, obscenity or racism. Due to all the pervs out there, please do not send naked or seductive pics of children. And as a safety measure, remember not to indulge their location.


For nominating a Real Great American, the first description asked for to describe nominees is the caption, summed up with about adjectives and/or a short phrase. Then put together the profile. See “how to subscribe in 7 easy steps.  Bear in mind that you can always add to the profile through the comments  section or contact

PS-Try to include middle initial of nominee. Also, if they have passed on, please let us know so we can tweak the shout out appropriately, as a memorial.

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