Is the opioid “crisis” the #4 reason why Anti-American Dems refuse to secure the US-Mexico border?

Reasons that Democrats (and RINOs) #Resist The Wall range from common knowledge to Hmmm...

1) Obvious Obstruction. Anti-American Dem and RINO Globalists desperately seek to prevent President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises and to squash his success. Destroying our fairly elected President-even if it costs innocent Americans their livelihood or their lives- is their only hope for 20/20.

2) Counting on illegals’ votes. The Dems know that their Party is tanking. This is why they resort to massive voter fraud, and register illegals, felons and corpses. Their lifeline is the open border.

3) Open Door Policy. Keeping the door open on our Southern border provides a welcome mat for their terrorist pals to seep though. “Sanctuary Cities” are not set up because the Left has a soft spot for Latinos. IMO they not only provide a means to purposely implode our economy but also to set up terrorist encampments within our borders.

4) Drug money. Could it be that reason #4 could have anything to do with the opioid crisis afflicting our nation? Is the open border a handy way to dodge law enforcement? We already know that’s how drug cartels make use of it.

Is it time to splinter the CIA into a million pieces?

Could it be that the CIA is involved in this rampant drug trafficking? Is it not clear that the CIA is the suited muscle for the Dems’ and RINOs’ Globalist Agenda?

Why was JFK threatening to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds?” Why did the CIA invent the term “conspiracy theory” to shut down inquiries into the JFK assassination? Remember how George H. Bush denied being in the CIA when JFK was shot (although it was proven he was in Dallas at the time)

Is the idea of the CIA dealing and/or manufacturing opioids far-fetched? It wouldn’t be the first time the CIA dealt drugs.

Remember Mena airport in Little Rock Arkansas? Remember CIA operative Barry Seal who was threatened by Pablo Esobar’s Medellin Cartel? Remember how he found himself in even deeper hot water as he threatened to expose Bush and Clinton for their roles in dealing drugs? Seal was murdered by 5 men using machine guns. It was quickly blamed on the Medellin Cartel as he was due to testify in court. Gosh. You think he’d have better protection, being a major witness for the government’s “war on drugs” and all. At any rate it was Seal’s murder that opened up the Iran/Contra drug and gun running affair.

Remember the “Dark Alliance” exposé from Gary Webb? He linked the CIA and Nicaragua’s Contras to the crack cocaine epidemic that ripped through South Los Angeles in the 1980s, wreaking havoc on the Black community. Webb was trashed and discredited. Unfortunately Webb commit “suicide”-with not one, but 2 gunshot wounds to the head-before his story regained the respect it deserved.

Remember how Poppy Bush-the head of the CIA -denied knowledge that drug and gun trafficker Manuel Noriega was on the CIA payroll?

BTW-did you see the buried story about how “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki Was recruited by the CIA to run drugs?

Elite drug dealers

Could selling out our country through pay-for-play and partnering in opioid trafficking be one way that so many “public servants” have amassed enormous wealth while in office?

When illegals cross the border, they cross through land “owned” by drug cartels. If they don’t have the thousands of dollars to pay the Cartel to pass through, they’re given drugs to smuggle. Are illegals really risking life and limb to crash our border to (as the racist Dems claim) mow our lawns and pick our strawberries? Or do the Dems’ lucrative government payoffs to cross our borders enhance the appeal? Is it more than just importing votes?

Could the massive donations from opioid-manufacturers in Big Pharma to Globalist Dem candidates have led to the sweetheart deal of being allowed to police themselves? Could this be why certain members of Congress limited the ability of the DEA to stop the flow of opioids for street use?

That wouldn’t be the first time the government pushed back against the efforts of hard working DEA officials to thwart drug trafficking. Obama squashed a major DEA investigation dubbed “Project Cassandra” that targeted a massive cocaine smuggling operation run by his pals in Hezbollah. Is it not suspicious that Obama granted pardons and clemencies to hundreds of hard core drug dealers? ISIS began dealing in opiods to support their operations. Gosh that would be another handy way to support terrorists in Iran.

It’s on record that the CIA is involved in coups, drug running, gun running, propaganda, mind control and polluting pop culture to sway the public. Is it possible that they could be involved in human and child sex trafficking as well? Who do these practices benefit? Not your average American, that’s for sure.

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