Nancy Pelosi has promised voters that if they vote Democrat their taxes will be raised. Will this windbag’s bluster spawn the much anticipated “Blue Wave?”

Pelosi was quick to push a buzzkill on voters that the massive tax breaks, refunds and bonuses enjoyed across the country-thanks to President Trump’s tax reform-were merely “crumbs.” Perhaps they are crumbs to her and her elite DC pals.

However, it begs the question-why didn’t the Democrats in charge for so many years ever throw any crumbs our way?

It’ll be fun watching the Democrats pitch their 2018/2020 platform: higher taxes, open borders, joblessness created through unsustainable illegal immigration, ripping up historical advances in the stock market, pro-torture, dismemberment and murder of helpless infants, pro-prostitution and sex trafficking (as Feminazis rallied to the defense of Backpage) pro-chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians and most important of all-hate Trump no matter what. 

Democrats like to pretend that they’re not filthy rich elites. Their goal-control the population through poverty and financial struggle and blame it on all those horrible white Republicans.

President Trump is obviously incredibly wealthy. But he didn’t create his wealth in the DC Swamp. His goal-create wealth for ALL Americans. Even haters will benefit.

But are NeverTrumpers so blinded by programmed hatred they’d rather opt for Dem-induced poverty? Are Trump-haters’ brains so fried that they’ll vote for their own financial destruction?

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