What can we expect in life after the midterms?

Democrats seized control of the House while Republicans hold the Senate. The results of the midterms were neither a Blue Wave nor a Red Tsunami.

It’s hard to believe that so many people in this country would welcome a hostile, foreign invasion at our Southern border. Open borders that invite an implosion of our economy, drug smuggling, human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

It’s hard to believe that so many Americans would eagerly give back their “crumbs” and pay higher taxes. 

Although it’s a head-scratcher that any sane American would vote for the Anti-American Globalist Democrat Party, the Senate victory is worthy of celebration. 

Biggest shockers-yes or no?

• Socialist Ocasio-Cortez is now officially a “lawmaker.”

• Wife-beater Keith Ellison was voted in by the #MeToo Party that cares so much about women and victims of assault.

• Maxine Waters is still free to race-bait and rip off constituents on the taxpayer dime. 

• Half of Arizona wants their state destroyed. Sinema vs. McSally race still too close to call. 

What races shocked you the most? 

MSM victory spin: Reveling in Blue-downplaying Red 

Brigette Gabriel weighed in.

Remember, it’s normal for the President’s party to lose seats during a midterm election. What’s not normal is the President’s party gaining seats in the Senate. A split may not be the best news, but when we look at historical trends Republicans did well – all because of Trump.

It’s pretty clear that Fox has been exposed as MSM. Many Conservatives are furious.

Bill Mitchell tweeted, 

You know, it’s odd. Democrats barely made it past 23 and many of these races were VERY close. How the hell did FoxNews know to call this when Dems were only +2? Seem suspicious to anyone else?

Did you find it suspicious? Will you seek alternatives? I’ve heard a lot about Right Side Broadcasting Network. over the last few days. I still like the Daily Caller. Any other suggestions? 

What can we expect post-midterms? 

• Will the Democrat victory in the House put an end to the Unhinged Mob? Will we have a breather from all the violence and hate? 

• Will the ongoing #Resistance help to open the eyes of those on the Left as “Progressive” Democrats continue to fight actual progress? 

• With all the Hate-Trump campaign shenanigans one thing has been noticeably absent-the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax. Are indictments about to drop? 

• If Democrats make good on their promise to push for impeachment, will they appear even more foolish since without the Senate that can never happen? Or can they-bolstered by their media-continue to fuel the level of Trump-hate that creates blindness in their followers?

• President Trump warned that those who are found guilty of voter fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Now that he’s not busy rallying for the midterms, will he have more time to make good on that promise? James O’Keefe and others have plenty of video evidence of rampant voter fraud. Can we clean it up by 2020?

How are you feeling about the midterms? 

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Daily Caller-midterms 

James O’Keefe-Project Veritas-Dems allowing “tons” of illegals to vote. 

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Brigette Gabriel Twitter

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