Devoted Mom and Grandmother. Warm. Funny. Generous. Smart cookie. True friend. Community leader. 

Lorraine Sarra (the wonderful redhead in the middle) deserves a shout out as a Real Great American.

Lorraine has volunteered for the last 36 years to support the small business community in Somerville, NJ. She has been especially involved with the Somerville Business and Professional Association for the past 30 years.

Many people in the community do not know who the SBPA is, even though they enjoy the fruits of the members’ labor. The SBPA is a small nonprofit operating in town whose mission is to support local merchants and the community. Their work is more important than ever as small businesses strive to compete with malls and online shopping.

The SBPA is responsible for many events in the small NJ town that contribute to the unique experience that is Somerville. Events include horse drawn Carriage rides during Christmas, photos with Santa, Strolling Carolers & Musicians, the Arts and Crafts fair and both the Spring and Fall street fairs. In addition, the SBPA sponsors other town events such as the Tour of Somerville, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and others. Many students in town have enjoyed SBPA scholarships while organizations such as the Somerville Rescue Squad, the Women’s Shelter and others have received generous donations.

Surprising, isn’t it? This little known nonprofit operates quietly while doing so much for Somerville and the surrounding area. The same could be said of Lorraine Sarra. But Lorraine deserves a shout out. Thank you for all you do, Lorraine!

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Somerville Business and Professional Association website