The war is on. James Woods was locked out of Twitter.

His crime? “Twitter accused James Woods of “expressing an opinion that could impact an election.” Whaaaat? 

James Woods was locked out over a silly meme

Although his page is still visible to everyone, he is not allowed to Tweet or engage with his followers.

The offensive “election altering” tweet was from back in July. He even warned followers that it may not be true. He tweeted:

“Pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real. Not likely, but in this day and age of absolute liberal insanity, it is at least possible.”

Isn’t it almost like the Twitter Technocrats were picking through his feed looking for a reason to gag him? This is the best they came up with?

Or could “we received a report” indicate that this is part of the new techno-war?  “Liberals” can complain about posts to social media providers and virtually execute people who they find “offensive?”

Sorry folks-there are strict laws in place to control this weapon-it’s for “Liberals” only.  

(I couldn’t link to the actual tweet because Twitter stops his feed at August 14th.) 

James Woods

Obviously the real reason James Woods was locked out is because he’s a wildly popular, outspoken Conservative.

James Woods is a major voice for Conservatives. With 1.72 million followers on Twitter, his political commentaries pose a big threat to the Left. 

Another problem for Democrats is that his high IQ (180)  flies in the face of their all Trump supporters are under educated, deplorable, dregs of society, hillbillies spin.

This is not the first time he’s been punished for having an opinion that the Left finds distasteful. James Woods was blackballed in “Liberal” Hollywood for being a conservative. He’s admitted that he doesn’t believe he will ever work again. 

His last Tweet is dated September 20, so as of this post it seems that Twitter is continuing to violate his First Amendment rights.

Has Twitter shut down one single “Liberal” today for tweeting information that could “impact an election?” Doubtful. Could this be a more clear-cut case of accusing the other of that which you are guilty?

Alex Jones called it.

Even if you think he’s a kook, Alex Jones was among the first to sound the alarm on the globalist agenda and the manipulation of public opinion through propaganda and censorship. He couldn’t have named his site “Infowars” with the tagline “there’s a war on for your mind” more perfectly. 

He used to call the insidious globalist attacks on America “World War lll by stealth.” But there’s nothing stealthy about it anymore. As Globalists are in the death throes of sovereign nations pushing back against their New World Order, they’re becoming increasingly more bold and violent. 

Alex Jones was the first big kahuna that the Left shut down. He is constantly in the crosshairs of the Globalist Left and their tech army. Although he is now back up on Twitter, he’s permanently banned from You Tube, Apple, Spotify and Facebook. 

Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk were also wounded in battle. Facebook is constantly messing with their page and algorithms.

They were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to be heard in front of Congress. However, they were met with smug derision from members of Congress who expressed indignation that they were subjected to hearing them out and accused them of propagating the “hoax” that Conservatives are being silenced.

They also ridiculed them for making a living  through their message. That’s simply not allowed for #Runaway minorities. 

Brandon Straka

Brandon Straka was shut down on Facebook a couple of times. The last time he was thrown in jail was because he dared to utter the name of Alex Jones. He was simply telling followers to check out his interview on Infowars. 

Straka’s #WalkAway page just been blocked again. His fundraising efforts for the #WalkAway March have been severely hampered. Facebook is blatantly violating his (and ours by default) Civil Rights to organize a peaceful protest. 

John James

John James is another example of how the Left loathes anyone who busts through their game of identity politics.

A black conservative running for Senator in Michigan, James has been shadow banned on Twitter. How is that not interfering with an election? 

Democrats continue to point the finger to Russians.

Democrats are-as Hillary pointed out- a real threat to Democracy as they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Do they not pose a far greater threat than Russian memes and bots playing around on Facebook? Isn’t their continued meddling in our elections through the Mueller-led coup, the fake “dossier” designed to discredit and spy on a political opponent, rampant voter fraud, bimbos who show up at the 11th hour to destroy political candidates and a nominee for Supreme Court justice, their Fakestream Media and their pals in the social media and tech industries a far greater threat? 

Are the brains of their idiot army so fried with programmed hatred that “Liberals’ cheer the destruction of our laws and our Constitution that are in place to protect them as well? 

Is it too late?

Thousands of American citizens are being blocked on Twitter and thrown in Facebook jail on a daily basis. It’s become a standing joke. But we can’t lull ourselves into complacency by making light of it. 

If we push more aggressively for reform, will it be in time to impact the  game-changing 2018 elections? 

What alternatives can we use to get the word out? Without a way to counteract the Leftist disinformation campaigns, how can we encourage Democrats to #WalkAway? 

What can we do to stop this trend? Please scroll down to comment using the Spot IM comments system below or use the Real Great Americans facebook page so others outside your group will benefit by your input. 

BTW- You can add yours truly to the list of tech-targets. 

After posting a profile on Brandon Straka launching the #WalkAway March on Washington, Facebook blocked Real Great Americans from sharing to and interacting with groups twice. As a start-up, I’m much easier to silence than James Woods, Diamond& Silk and Brandon Straka. So if you find this post share-worthy, please do so. Thank you and together we’ll take our country back!

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