Husband. Father of three. One of 10 siblings. World War ll veteran. Versatile athlete. Devout Catholic. Funny. Mischievous.

Dick, God rest his soul, worked hard for his family and the American dream. Richard J. O’Donnell was one of 10 siblings. He worked in the coal mines in Scranton, PA when he was a young man. Later he attended St. Anselm University where he played on the basketball team. But his true passion was baseball. He played in the Cape Cod Leagues and was inching toward making it in the big leagues when World War ll broke out. His dreams in baseball were cut short when he served our country in the Navy.

When he returned from the Navy to his wife Dot and their first born son Dick. Baseball became an unrealized dream. Later his family would grow with another son Brian and daughter Dee. He worked two jobs to support the family. During the day he worked as a mailman and in the evenings he worked at Medfield State Hospital as a ward attendant.

However, even with three kids to support, his income combined with Dot’s enabled them to buy a vacation home on the Cape where the family spent summers and weekends. Their goal was to retire there.

Sadly, Dick didn’t make it to realize his dream of retiring on the Cape. Ironically, his health and eventually his life, was claimed by a disease that affected famous baseball player Lou Gehrig-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

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