Loving husband and dad. Veteran. Community leader. Kind. Friend to all. Always smiling.

Bill Kelly personified the American Dream. He worked hard as a young man for Ray Lord of Lord’s Department Store in Medfield, Massachusetts and eventually bought him out. Lord’s sold everything from buttons and fabric to hardware, toys, candy and beauty supplies. It was pretty much the only game in the small town.

Aside from supplying the locals with their basic needs, it was a favorite hangout-especially for teens. Bill hosted some of the best memories for the people of Medfield.  Young kids would walk or ride their bikes for miles to buy candy and meet their friends. Teens hung out front or by the soda fountain enjoying lime rickeys, vanilla cokes and more.

Bill Kelly always made everyone feel welcome and special.

Time has claimed this gentle man as well as the classic Americana store that was the heartbeat of Medfield. The Boston Globe published an article that outlines Bill Kelly’s career and impact on the town. He will be sorely missed.

Did you know Bill Kelly? Have you been to Lord’s? Share your memories and pics below! (PS-would love a better image of him to feature if you have one to share) 

image Boston Globe


The Boston Globe-article and image above.