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1) The Power of Choice. Real Great Americans offers a positive way to connect with friends, family and business associates without empowering Facebook.

2) Conservative Alternative. Facebook, Twitter, Google and You Tube are waging war on Conservatives. Real Great Americans is a conservative hang-out. People can personally engage within the profile of a Real Great American, including adding relevant photos and videos. Other types of comments with greater reach are available through the Community Forum. That said we love our Left leaning family, friends and business associates. Everyone’s welcome here as long as it’s courteous, welcomed by the subscriber and follows the guidelines. (See policies and tips)

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7) The Real Great American Family. Real Great Americans offers a community platform for like minded people to honor one another, support each other, and share ideas and solutions without being attacked by vicious trolls. We’re all an extended family. Part of the magnificent patchwork of America.

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