Hell has officially frozen over. Governor Jerry Brown of California has agreed to send National Guard troops to secure our border.

Could it be that Governor Moonbeam is waking up to the reality of the nightmare he’s created by coddling “Dreamers?”  Doubtful.

There’s been long overdue pushback against the policies using the Globalist technique of purposely imploding the economy through unsustainable immigration. The rampant homelessness that the Dems have created is seriously grating on the nerves of Californians who are actually in their right mind.

The corrupt elected officials are trying to cover up evidence of their crimes against humanity. They’ve ordered  sweeps of massive homeless encampments and although they’ve scrambled to shoo the homeless away from the camera lens-it’s too late. The  internet is flooded with unforgettable images of thousands of people suffering while the Dems push to add to the suffering with open borders and protecting illegals.

Homelessness is such an overwhelming problem that-get this-the state is asking people to house a homeless person in a shed on their property! Gee. What could go wrong? Let’s see how many Trump-hating celebrities and elites raise their hand to house the unwashed and unpredictable within their gated walls.

Hmmm. Could Brown’s sudden cooperation be due to a big Red Tsunami sighted on the horizon?

There are now 11 counties joining President Trump in a lawsuit against California’s Sanctuary Cities. There’s a proposal in the works that could make it to the November Ballot that would divide California into 3 different states. Another plan introduced by Brexiters Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks last year proposes dividing the state into two.

Have “Liberal” policies gone too far? Are Jerry Brown and his Globalist Masters shaking at the thought of losing their stranglehold on California and hoarding her treasure trove of electoral votes? Or have they suddenly become racist? 

What do think the odds are that California could turn red?

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