What’s this site all about?

It’s about giving a shout-out to the unsung heroes and sheroes that create the magnificent patchwork of America. Real Great Americans. Some are well known, others-not so much. Do you know a Real Great American? Check out how to nominate them here…

It’s about giving Americans an opportunity to weigh in on issues using the community forum.

For more details, visit the About page here….

Why  do you always ask us to comment below the RGA post-not just on Facebook?

There’s 5 reasons why you’re asked to use the comments section below the post, rather than just using Facebook. 

1)By using the comments sections within all your favorite blogs and websites, it helps to wean the Conservative community off Facebook and other Globlalist-owned social media platforms that are actively seeking to silence Conservative voices. Why wait until we’re shut down when we can build now?

2)It’s important to support your favorite indie news websites, bloggers and vloggers. Clicks on websites can create revenue through sponsored advertising. Real Great Americans does not have a pay-per-click on site revenue system based solely on traffic, but some do. What easier way to support Conservative who work hard to support Conservative values?

3)By only commenting on Facebook, your valuable input is only seen by others for a brief window of time. If it’s within the post it can help others for the life of the site.

4)Some indie bloggers like to interact with their audience. When readers only post on facebook they may not get that opportunity. Why? Because Facebook cuts off notifications at about 100 comments, so we can’t  respond to what we don’t see.

And Reason #5-super important for Real Great Americans!

5)The majority of the profiles on Real Great Americans  are of people who’ve given their consent and appreciation to be featured here.

They’ve done so much to Make America Great-why not take a couple of seconds to let them know that you appreciate them?

They don’t belong to the same Facebook groups, so they’ll never see your shout-out if you only comment on your Facebook feed. It’s just wasted effort. Instead-make their day! Give ’em a shout out in the comments section where they’ll be notified of comments and questions.

Though communicating with them to build their featured posts, I can assure you that they are people too and would love and appreciate your support. And it helps them out because when people click on their profile they can see they have fans.

So please take a couple of seconds out to comment by using the comments system within Real Great Americans and your other favorite sites too! 

Thank you and God bless:)


PS-Real Great Americans chose a Real Great American commenting system- SpotIM. They’re based in New York City and Israel. They’ve developed a fun and user friendly comments section.

PPS- Do you know a Real Great American? Nominate them! They don’t have to be famous. To learn more, click here….