Patriots were p-o’d when NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “America was never great.” 

The Daily Caller reported on the outrageous Cuomo slip of the forked tongue that President Trump called “career-threatening” 

“We’re not gonna ‘Make America Great Again.’ It was never that great,” Cuomo originally said in a livestream, referring to President Donald Trump’s “MAGA” slogan, earlier this month.”

President Trump responded by chiding Cuomo and suggesting that Democrats make  “America was Never Great” their slogan-embroidered on a hat- and see how well that works for them. 

Patriots intend to tell Governor Cuomo exactly what they think of his attitude about America. The country he’s campaigning to “serve” for a third term. 

They will respond with an “America IS Great” rally in Central Park. 

The Globalists Have a Dream-the United Socialist States of America.

How is it that we have so many politicians “serving our country” when they openly hate it and aim to destroy it by imploding our economy and dissolving our borders? How long has it been this way? At what point have they become so emboldened that they’re not only admitting it, but  even running on it? Or has President Trump just painted them into a corner as the #Resist all initiatives to restore our wealth and protect our citizens? 

Be there or be square!


Saturday September 15th


Columbus Circle/Central Park-New York City

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