Real Great Americans Diamond& Silk’s movie “Dummycrats” will debut in theaters on October 15th!

It’s a special one night screening event! So get your tickets now! 

PR Newswire reports:

Fathom Events presents “Dummycrats” in more than 800 select movie theaters in the US on October 15 at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT / 8 p.m. MT / 8 p.m. PT, through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). 

For tickets and a list of participating theaters near you (enter your zip code) visit Fathom Events..

Want the ultimate? Watch the movie with Diamond& Silk! Yes, with!

Your favorite girls invite you to hang out with them at the Trump International Hotel in DC:

“Join Diamond and Silk for the World Premier of their new feature film, “Dummycrats” at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC on October 15th! 

Be a part of this celebration as the stars turn the 5-star hotel into a movie theater. They even bring the popcorn!

When the tickets are gone, they’re gone!

6:30 Registration and Check-In
7:30pm Ballroom Doors Open
8pm-10pm Welcome, Dummycrats, Q&A

Get there early and bring your photo ID to match your ticket order! Every guest’s name must be listed for security.

$225.00 includes theater ticket, souvenir popcorn, and exclusive red carpet photo opportunities!

DISCLAIMER: Guests attending the event may appear on camera.

For this VIP experience visit eventbrite….

Check out the trailer…

The movie takes their message to the streets.

The press release lays it out…

“As President Trump continues to drain the swamp, social media stars Diamond & Silk are on a mission to expose what’s left of it. Americans cannot trust the mainstream media to report about the Dummycrats. If the media won’t report the truth…Diamond & Silk will.

Dummycrats documents the duo’s journey across America to reveal the hypocrisy spewed by progressive, big government loving politicians on the left. With their boots on the ground, Diamond & Silk scour California in the search of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Unable to find the answers the American people need, the ladies travel to D.C. Meanwhile, they send Kyle Olson to El Paso to uncover the dangers that come with open borders to reveal how the Democrats put the interests of lawbreakers above those of American citizens.

With laughs, tears and anger, Dummycrats takes you on a journey for truth, stepping on the political antics of the left to get answers that the American people deserve — as only Diamond & Silk can!”

The social media superstars sum up their motives for making Dummycrats to the Gateway Pundit…

They produced “Dummycrats,” because “while President Trump is draining the swamp, Diamond and Silk are going to be exposing” the swamp.

  “…because it’s time to expose the hypocrisy coming from the left. It’s time to expose the real party of the KKK. The real party that only wants to give you enough to keep you quiet, but not enough to make a difference. That’s what we are doing,” 

 Regarding being gagged by Facebook…“When social media do what they do, oh, honey, when a door closes a big ol’ window opens – you just walk right on through that window. Hop out the window and go ahead and start spreading the good news. This president right here, Donald Trump is going to make America greater than we’ve ever seen it before…When they stop you that way, you have to pop up another way.

 While the left inundates the American public with propaganda castigating conservatives as “racists” and “Nazis”, as 90 percent of the African Americans consistently vote Democrat, the sisters say they are taking their “message to the streets” and minorities are “amazed” to learn the truth about the Democrat Party.

  “We do our chit chat touring across this country – getting the message out about how people should go to the polls and vote, and you want to vote for people that have our president’s agenda in mind.”

  “What’s happening, often time to minorities – and I hate to call black people, or Hispanic people or Asian people minorities, but that’s the little word that [lefitists] use –  sometimes people get left because they are not paying attention…You have to get out there in the streets and you have to tell people the hypocrisy on the left and exactly what they are doing. They are amazed, like ‘woah, I didn’t even know that was happening.’ You have to educate. The more they hate, the more you educate. And you have to understand your haters will make you greater. And if they try to smear us, they only do it because they fear us.”

  “This is how the Left do, they like to spin a narrative – they like to spin a story and think you are going to bite and eat it, but they don’t know the American people look at them as fake news, it’s a fake narrative…”

  Americans aren’t buying the liberal propaganda and their brazen lies will ultimately incentivize American’s to resoundingly reelect Trump…”

  “We are not just staying woke, we are paying attention. And you know what’s going to happen, President Trump is going to be president in 2020. Our president is being railroaded and it’s time for people to come to the table and take responsibility for their actions – for all the corruption and collusion that was going on with the FBI under the Obama administration. People should be held accountable, and then what they should do is march them off in handcuffs and leave this president alone so that he can continue to make America great again.”

  “Its time to stop spending our tax dollars on this foolishness…Its time for Mueller to stop this so-called witch hunt of an investigation.”

Who can argue with that?

That’s why we absolutely love Diamond& Silk!

So the only question now is-what to choose in the concession stand? 

To buy tickets click here….

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