The gift that’s sure to keep on giving-the Democrats’ new slogan “For the People.”

This slogan is a delightful dud. It’s better than Hillary’s “Deplorables” remark. It’s just as wonderful as her inane tweet in response to the Trump/Putin meeting, “Do you know which team you play for?”

Is Hillary the mastermind behind this slogan too? Or are all Democrats so hate-fried they’e lost the ability to play checkers in the sun room? 

Could their new slogan be a ripoff from the Constitution they aim to destroy? Or are they plagiarizing part of the Gettysburg Address penned by President Lincoln- a famous Republican who freed slaves from Democrat oppression?

Out of the commie-closet

Reactions have been swift and severe. 

Many find the “For the People” rather than “We the People” to be a reflection of their big government, socialist hand-out philosophy. The slogan speaks to their favorite hook-bribing citizens to vote for their own submission. 

Others tweeted their take on it. A micromini-sample:

 More taxes “for the people.” 

 “For the people,” aka corporations and lobbyists who give us lots of money

 “For the top tier people”

 Contempt “for the people”

The runner-up slogan was the same-just a different F-word

Exactly which people are they “for?”

Corrupted FBI and CIA officials? Illegal aliens? MS-13? Human traffickers? Drug smugglers? Baby killers? Antifa? Child sex traffickers?Terrorists? Socialists? Any others not listed here? Comment below-not just on facebook. Why? See FAQs…


Washington Times

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