Last May the Home Makers for America organization released a “Declaration of Mothers.”

The proclamation provides a means to push back against radicalized “feminists” who are aggressively promoting the idea that motherhood is a thankless, demeaning burden that derails the life of a woman. If you agree that the vulgar vaginaheads do not represent the vast majority of women and moms, you won’t want to miss the March 8th “Declaration of Mothers” event.

The stated mission on the Homemakers for America website-“to build a foundation of liberty in the homes of America, through the women of America, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity one woman, one home, and one family at a time.”

An excerpt from the Home Makers for America website:

In May, 2017 Home Makers for America released the Declaration of Mothers  launching a national movement of moms to reclaim our culture for truth, family, and freedom. The national impact f this document has been profound. Thousands of women in over 4,000 cities and every state in America have signed the Declaration. Governors from several states have, or are in the process, of issuing proclamations recognizing the Declaration of Mothers and proclaiming March 8th International Mothers Influence Day; and on February 2nd, Congresswoman Diane Black (Rep, TN) introduced the Declaration of Mothers,into the Congressional record….
On Thursday, March 8th Home Makers for America and several of our Mom’s March partners are holding a national press conference at the Capital in Washington D.C. to present the Declaration of Mothers to Congress, Media, and the nation; and March 16th we are taking the Worldwide Declaration of Mothers to the United Nations! We invite you to join this growing national movement of mothers to raise the bar of decency and civility in our culture, and stand united for truth, family, freedom, and the Constitution which protects our divine rights as mothers.  The era of radical feminism is over. This is the march of Mothers!

Be sure to visit their website for more information. There’s many ways to get involved.  Links to sign both Declarations are provided below…


Sign the Declaration of Mothers

Sign the Worldwide Declaration of Mothers

HomeMakers for America website

Mom’s March for America

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