Rasmussen polled voters and the results showed Dems with about a 6 point lead. Not exactly a Blue Wave, but a Blue Win for sure.

Knowing what we know about PSYOP polls favoring Hillary in 2016, could these polls mean that the 6 point lead is also a total joke? Is it more like 6 points behind? Will the Dems regret bragging about a Blue Wave?

Looks like the answer may be yes, judging by a donation-grubbing email from Soros-backed MoveOn. Looks like the Anti-American Globalist Dems are in a sweat. In fact, they’re absolutely freaking….

“Donald Trump has his highest approval rating in a year, and the Democrats’ lead in the race for Congress is collapsing. Election experts are no longer projecting a “blue wave” and instead say the chance of ending Republican control of the House is now “50-50….

I can’t stress this strongly enough: We do NOT have this election in the bag.”

The Blue River of denial.

The email continued to appeal to their woefully under informed voter base…

“If we don’t do everything in our power, Trump and the Republicans will keep control of Congress, and they’ll be emboldened to go even further to repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut taxes for the superrich, stack the Supreme Court with far-right conservatives, and march America on a path to war….”

Apparently the Left is still in denial that they not only led us on the path to multiple wars, they planted the seeds of war in NoKo and Iran.

Obama and Hillary destabilized the Middle East, setting the entire “refugee” crisis in motion.

In fact, their beloved grinning Obamagod–”winner” of the Nobel Peace Price–bombarded 7 countries. We were at war for the full 8 years of his Administration. And those are just the obvious ones. His major conquest was laying the groundwork for the complete annihilation of America. Hillary was to be propped up on her throne to pull the switch for the final fry. America’s bleeding, bubbling, smoking corpse would be handed over on a silver platter to the rule of a One World Government. Not a conspiracy theory-but an actual conspiracy.

Yet the Dems do seem to have learned one lesson-or maybe they’re trying to play it both ways-polls and the media can’t be trusted. They warn:

“The media has been saying for months that Democrats have this election in the bag—just like they said in 2016.”

You can’t fix soulless and stupid.

Another point they’re still in denial about is their belief that money alone will ensure they’ll plunk their fat #Resist arses down in our Congressional seats for another term.

It’s not surprising they’re begging for money. Some recent figures show the DNC is still in debt for $6 million dollars and had to take out a loan for another $2 million to “keep the lights on.” On the other hand, the RNC is debt-free with a running balance of about $48 million cash on hand.

But their problems are bigger than a coupla few hundred million bucks.

As the Russia/Trump/Collusion Hoax is unraveling and the Light is shining on the outrageous corruption involved in attempting to fix the 2016 election, their Democratic Demigods have hurled a wretched fan-stain on their filthy Party.

As more crimes come to Light, it will become increasingly impossible for MSM to keep lying and burying and spinning their propaganda. Obama’s crimes are far worse than Watergate. All we need now is for the programmed haters to care. 

Some “journalists” are seeing the Red writing on the wall and are wriggling out the cocoon they’ve woven with lies and misinformation to salvage whatever credibility they may have left. Glenn Beck did a 180. He apologized, threw on a MAGA hat and vowed to vote for President Trump in 2020. CNN has run a few articles admitting that the Blue Wave is a mere ripple in a suspiciously warm kiddie pool.

Add to that a booming economy, steps toward world peace versus the Democratic Platform that embraces higher taxes, Hamas, MS-13, gun-grabbing, killing babies, relentless race-baiting, and we’ve got a good chance to keep this country on the Right track.

Oh-and lets not forget the Dems’ biggest nightmare-the Black Exodus.

Many Black Conservatives boldly stepped out of the grips of the Party that gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Candace Owens and Kanye West represent the tipping point. No wonder Dems have to resort to voter fraud and importing bodies who’ll vote for them.


Could this be an odd PSYOP? Will the tightening polls backfire by creating complacency? Will voters believe that MAGA candidates will have it in the bag and not turn out in 2018?

It was so much fun watching Hillary’s crushing defeat in 2016 that many people on social media are still posting reruns. Imagine if we could see the faces on the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters if the Dems were swept under a killer Red Tsunami? Will you show up at the booths?

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