Our First Amendment is under attack.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Google are Hell bent on shutting down our free speech. Censorship and propaganda have become part of our daily lives. So far it’s just been Conservative voices. Those who are easily influenced sleep soundly.Their views are not under attack. Yet.

This community forum offers a much needed alternative to Globalist Social Media monopolies. The time to start building your online presence outside of the established comfort zone is now. One day we won’t be bailed out of Facebook jail. Twitter won’t unlock our accounts. You Tube will offer programming that furthers the agenda or none at all.

One of the first things the Nazis did was to shut down Jewish newspapers and close Jewish centers to prevent Jews from congregating and communicating. This is exactly what Globalist-driven press and social media is doing to Conservatives right now. 

Our Founding Fathers had taverns where they met, exchanged information and planned their course. We’ve become an increasingly isolated society in many ways. But through our keyboards we worked together and changed the course of history. We saved this country-for the time being anyway. But as Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal famously said, “Freedom is not a gift from Heaven. You have to fight for it everyday.”

We fought hard, but the fight is far from over.

Sorry, but this won’t be a free-speech-for-all zone either. We need to keep it courteous and family friendly. See policies and tips for more info.

Do you have suggestions to build this community forum? Comment below!


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