A “caravan.”  Credit where credit is due-the Globalist Left knows how to shape the world through semantics.

This “caravan” of over 1,200 people from Central America is headed toward our border. Instead of enforcing their incredibly strict immigration policies, Mexico opened their Southern border and pointed the “migrants” in our direction.

Let’s face it. This is no ordinary “caravan” and these are no ordinary “migrants.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbot announced that he already deployed the National Guard and the Dept of Public Safety to the area. President Trump responded by putting Mexico on notice that their “cash cow” NAFTA will be repealed and Honduras can kiss their foreign aid goodbye if they don’t stop this invasion. Our own Globalist-infected Congress, in typically anti-borders, aka anti-American fashion, is less likely to cooperate.

What are your thoughts on this “caravan?” Who do you suppose is orchestrating this invasion of citizen soldiers and why? Do you think this will backfire on the Dems?

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