Like so many others, I was afraid that the Syrian airstrike was a knee-jerk response to a false flag.

I’m no war maven and certainly no warmonger. I distrust any advice that could emanate from the Deep State. I distrust anything that wins the approval of Angela Merkel. So when President Trump launched the Syrian airstrike in response to what appeared to be Assad’s horrific chemical weapons attack on his own citizens, what could I do but trust our President and pray to God to continually guide him?

If you’re feeling jittery in the aftermath of the Syrian airstrike, here’s a few tweets that cheered me up this morning….

President Trump would be damned if he did and damned if he didn’t retaliate…In response to the inevitable damning:

Bill Mitchell always nails it:

Elder Lansing was nominated as a Real Great American on this site because his tweets are always awesome:

Real Great American Matt Couch’s tweet is hilarious:

And last but not least…..

President Trump declared “Mission Accomplished!”

Our forces did not target citizens, but Syrian chemical weapons plants. Taking out the inanimate means to produce these weapons is hardly a bad idea, no?

“Liberals” think they’re shoving it in our face when they post Tweets from then-citizen Trump years ago warning Obama not to start a war in Syria. But all they’re really doing is proving that Obama didn’t heed that advice and instead, chose to create the putrid mess that President Trump inherited.

What is your view on this? Did you jump off the Trump Train? Do you believe the Syrian chemical weapons attack was a false flag?

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