It’s a new low blow to our fairly elected President. Mueller unleashed his thugs who broke into the offices and hotel room of Micheal Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer. They¬† seized whatever they could lay their grubby mitts on. It seems that the pretext for violating the attorney-client privilege that Hillary constantly enjoyed was to investigate the hush money paid to the vile porn star, Stormy Daniels.

Mueller’s Brownshirts are a window into the totalitarian nightmare we’ll be living under if the Globalists succeed in their coup. The programmed Left idiot army is too infused with hatred to realize that. They think they’d be exempt from the blood lust of their Luciferian elite masters. “First they came for the Trump supporters but I did nothing because I was not a Trump supporter….”

The question is-where do we go from here? How do we stop Mueller and his Globalist handlers?

We are obviously under assault from the Globalists who have been allowed free reign to launch their ongoing coup against President Trump. Venting about it on social media will show our emotional state en masse, but what actions-aside from ramping up our prayers- can be taken to take our country back?

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