Finally! Traitorous FBI Agent Peter Strzok was fired. He set up a GoFundMe Account to assist with his legal fees. 

As of this writing he’s raised more than $249,000 out of a $350,00 goal. He’s following the lead of Andrew McCabe who raked in $400,000 in one day to pay for his lawyers. Sadly, General Michael Flynn had to sell his home to pay his legal fees. His siblings set up a private legal fund, so the amount raised is not public. 

Why was Strzok’s first reaction to being fired to set up a GoFundMe page? Why would a wealthy man immediately resort to begging? 

Bill Mitchell floated an interesting theory-the GoFundMe page is being used to funnel payoff money to keep him quiet. 

Very interesting theory. Very plausible theory. 

There’s nothing “conspiratorial” about it. Crowdfunding and Kickstarter have been under scrutiny for awhile regarding activities to fund terrorism and launder money. Of course, investigating these activities has got to be a nightmare, considering that donations are received from so many individuals. 

Even if it’s just a “what if” why wouldn’t the FBI investigate Peter Strzok’s GoFundMe account? Wouldn’t that uncover more nefarious ties? Is President Trump’s team too afraid of appearing “too political” 

Why have so many people who’ve threatened the life of our President or called for his assassination not been thrown in the can? Why isn’t Omorosa Manigualt in cuffs right now for taping John Kelly in the White House situation room? Why isn’t the Antifa coward who knocked a guy unconscious with a baton begging Mom for his bail money? How did Antifa goon Prof. Eric Clanton who bashed more than 7 with a bike lock dodge an 11 year prison sentence and instead got probation? 

The Left isn’t shy about being too political, whether it’s their weaponizing of our government agencies or their media operations. Their solution is simple- deny that they’re biased in any way, no matter how outrageous the claim.

Is it time to fight fire with fire? 

Another theory-Stzrok’s GoFundMe account benefits the Left

By seeing so much “support” for this possessed lunatic the the Russia/Trump Collusion Hoax remains alive in the fried minds of the Left’s idiot army. It “validates” Strzok’s popularity and supports the notion that he’s a victim.  It overrides any common sense idea that if Peter Strzok were that biased he should have recused himself. It ignores the idea that FBI agents are normally fired just for having an extramarital affair. 

Why settle for $350,000? Is he still employable? Or can we look forward to another book deal? 

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