Blexit-The Black Exodus from the Democrat Party- has Democrats losing what’s left of their minds. 

The Black Community is leaving the Democrat Plantation in droves. This historic shift in consciousness is called Blexit. No wonder Democrats are fighting to import votes via a rock-hurling, gate-crashing, “Caravan” of “migrants.”

Candace Owens officially announced Blexit, calling attention to Democrat-run cities that have destroyed the lives of countless Black Americans and hijacked their children’s futures.

The movement exposes ploys that Democrats have used to keep the Black Community chained to self-defeating policies, such as:

  • Creating a welfare state that has decimated the family unit.
  • The greatest Civil Rights violation of our time-#Resisting School Choice.
  • Margaret Sanger’s ongoing genocide against the Black Community through Planned Parenthood.
Blexit will offer all the tools-some designed by Kanye- to keep this epic movement growing.

They’ll have a website as well as a schedule of rallies in every Democrat-run city.

They also have their own cool hat designed by Real Great American Kanye West! He debuted his Blexit clothing line just a few days ago. The Daily Wire reported,

The shirts come in “traffic cone orange,” light green, lavender, and white, and bear either a “Blexit” logo or the words, “We Free.” They all say “design by Kanye West…A number of shirts were handed out over the weekend at the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit also marked the kickoff of a Blexit movement, which plans to hold “#WalkAway” rallies in major urban areas, like Chicago and Baltimore, this fall.

Update! Kanye now says he never designed that stuff and is sick of being used to spread messages he doesn’t believe in. What do you supposed made him do a 180? Did “Liberals” wear him down? We can only pray for him.  Oh well, fortunately Blexit does not depend on Kanye or any one person. 

Blexit is a force to be reckoned with. Naturally our Latino Brothers and Sisters will be inspired to join hands. Together, united by love, we will Make and Keep America great.

Watch and feel your heart melt….

“Liberals” are about to realize that they’ve been on the wrong-and most racist-side of history all along. Not cool. Not cool at all. 

On a scale of 1-10 how thrilled are you about Blexit ? I’m at a gazillion!

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Shop BLEXIT hats and Tees-designed by Kanye

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