Did Democrat Beto O’Rourke just blow his chances to unseat Senator Ted Cruz with his incredibly racist comment?

When a black man questioned Beto O’Rourke about his support of illegal aliens, O’Rourke answered that “illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico are today’s cotton pickers.”

Yeowch! How can Democrats vote for this racist now? Or will they turn a blind eye like they have with their Party’s favorite pal Louis Farrakhan? 

Did Beto also blow the whistle on the racist “Liberal” Democrat Party? 

The short list of recent policies and ideas reveal how racist Democrats really are: 

• #Resisting voter ID laws because they believe minorities are too stupid and too poor to get to the DMV to sign up for a card. Oddly, they know illegals can get there-in CA all they need to vote is a driver’s license-no proof of citizenship needed.

 #Resisting School Choice. Just as Democrats #Resisted teaching slaves and former slaves how to read and write, they still prefer to deprive minorities of the finest education available. 

• #Resisting border security. Democrats believe that their open borders idea will appeal to their Latino voter base. They believe that all legal Latinos want unvetted gate-crashers pouring into our country to weaken our economy, leak in terrorists, smuggle drugs, prey on their children and hijack their American dream. By touting the destruction of America by removing borders, Democrats disrespect Latinos who proudly serve or served this country.

• Aligning themselves with countries, “leaders,” policies and initiatives that seek to wipe every last Jew off the face of the earth. 

They can point fingers all they want, but they are the Party of racists and Nazis. Always have been. Always will be.

Is it any wonder they’re scrambling to topple statues and rewrite history?

Some of their resume highlights include:

The Trail of Tears

• Slavery

• #Resisting emancipation

• Creating the KKK

• #Resisting Civil Rights Laws

#Resisting anti-lynching laws

Japanese Internment Camps

 Operation Paperclip

The LBJ-led destruction of the Black family through welfare policies. 

Urban decay

Fighting to continue the “right” to exterminate millions Black infants through genocidal witch Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. 

The Big Lie

Democrats know their racist track record is a huge embarrassment.

Their solution?

Take credit for all the Republican blood spilled to ensure that Black people would be freed from the abomination of slavery and protected from criminal violation of their Civil Rights.

Their claim that “the Parties switched” is beyond absurd. Dinesh D’Souza blasts through the bull:

Do you think well-intentioned Democrats will ever wake up and realize they’ve had their drinks laced with the Big Lie?

If so, the shame would rival waking up next to the geriatric trans bookkeeper after the office Christmas party.

Would you agree that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that all but the most elite who would benefit from the destruction of America in favor of the Globalist agenda would #WalkAway?

With social media censoring Conservatives, what can we do to wake up Democrats? Please share your ideas by scrolling down and using the SpotIM comments system below or comment on the Real Great Americans Face book page. I’ve been blocked from sharing and interacting with groups twice since posts about the #WalkAway March reached thousands of Facebook users. 

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